Global Privacy Policy

  • We recognize the importance of having effective privacy protections, and are committed to complying with all applicable data privacy laws, regulations, internal policies, and standards.

    • Pras-Melch may update this Privacy Notice from time to time. If an amendment will have a serious impact, Pras-Melch will endeavour to actively inform you about such amendments. Pras-Melch will publish an up-to-date Privacy Notice on the Pras-Melch website at all times, indicating the latest amendments.
    • Personal Data shall be collected, used, stored or otherwise processed if necessary within the framework of responsible, efficient and effective business management of Pras-Melch. We process Personal Data because it is necessary to perform our contractual obligations with you, or it is necessary for us to comply with our legal obligations, or for other legitimate business interests of Pras-Melch to provide quality and secure shipping services. More specifically, Pras-Melch uses Personal Data for the following activities:
    • Product development, research and improvement of Pras-Melch products and/or services. Pras-Melch processes Personal Data as necessary for the development and improvement of Pras-Melch products and/or services, research and development.

    Business process execution, internal management and management reporting. This includes addressing activities such as managing company assets, conducting internal audits and investigations, finance and accounting, implementing business controls, provision of central processing facilities for efficiency purposes, managing mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and processing Personal Data for management reporting and analysis.

  • Safety and security. Personal Data may be included in the processing for activities such as those involving safety and health, the protection of Pras-Melch and customer, supplier or business partner assets and the authentication of customer, supplier or business partner status and access rights.

    Protecting the vital interests of individuals. This includes processing data when necessary to protect the vital interests of an individual (e.g., for urgent medical reasons).